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Public Art ID#
Title of Work
Shitzo Srenihz Crew
The members of the crew
Date Installed
Public Art Object Type
Object Type
Pomona Location
Side of building of Big O Tires 505 W Holt Ave
Mural-like painting on the side of Big O Tires building with the name of the crew written in a graffiti-type manner. The main color of the mural is blue bordered by red and orange flames. The entire name is surrounded by gray rocks, and the right side con
"Shitzo Srenhiz Crew, " Abbreviated names: AFW, ORC, SKA, MCP, OFA, GUNK, STP, FDK. NickNames: Kaly, Megs, Crise, madas, CKSR, Dexx, Udier, Ceas, Angel, Alana, Three, Lnhin, Cheeks
653 in w x 158 in h
Owner: Big O Tires Donor: The Crew
Date Photographed
Marine Bederian
This mural painting can be considered art because it is purposeful and created with aesthetic intent in that it isnt just random meaningless graffiti but rather may reflect upon the standards and creative ideas of the crew that decorated it. By standards we think about what it takes to be in a crew, such as being willing to help and protect one another and portray loyalty. The eyes in the mural may relate to looking out for one another, keeping an eye out, in other words. The significance of this artwork is that it can really be thought-provoking when it comes to trying to understand the overall motives behind the eyes in the artwork and the black creatures that provide a scary image to the mural. It reflects the values of the owners of the tire business who said that they allow the crew to portray their work because it prevents unwanted graffiti and tagging. However, when the crew displayed their work on the walls of the back of the building, facing the nearby residents, complaints were issued and the work was painted over. In addition, we believe it has the ability to display civic pride because it can be inspirational on those who are in a crew, and it can allow other people to commend and praise the artists on the creative artwork depicted.
Subject Terms
The Crew's name/identity
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