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Public Art ID#
Title of Work
The City of Pomona
Jimmy and Darlene Canchola
Date Installed
Public Art Object Type
Object Type
Pomona Location
John F. Kennedy Park 1150 Fariplex Dr.
Mural painted on the side of a restroom building in the John F. Kennedy Park. It has various images created into one whole image possibly representing certain aspects of the city of Pomona, which is actually written on the top of the mural. The mural has soldiers holding up the American Flag with a banner saying "increase the peace." As we move towards the opposite side of the mural, we see a stallion, an Indian, tall skyscrapers with the street names Garey Avenue and Second Street near it, a blank panther, a strong individual with a paintbrush, an image that resembles the Virgin Mary, baseball players representing the game of baseball, a Mexican American, and finally, the mural ends with a banner saying stop the violence.
The City of Pomona, " "Stop the Violence, " 'Increas the Peace, " "Pomona Arts Colony-Garey and 2nd St.
486 in. w x 104 in. h
Donor: Jimmy and Darlene Canchola
Date Photographed
Kimberly Alldis
This mural can be considered art because it is definitely purposeful in that it intends to display what the city is known for; for example, a sign of the art colony is painted beneath the tall skyscrapers. It demonstrates technique, form, and skill through the way the mural appears bunched up with all the pictures, yet each image is able to appear dominating the mural. The use of various colors catches the attention of passersby as well. The significance of this mural may possibly relate to the fact that it is representative of some of the values of the city of Pomona. Their values may include being religiously affiliated since there is a depiction of what appears to be the Virgin Mary, being artistically involved, which is represented by the painting of the Art Colony Walk and the man holding a paintbrush, and their habitual interests such as the sport of baseball. This mural is also significant because it has historical value from the painting of the soldiers and flag, as well as the depiction of the man picking oranges. If we are not mistaken, Pomona use to be known for their orange fields, hence the street name Orange Grove, and we think the man picking oranges represents those times in Pomona.
Subject Terms
Aspects of Pomona
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