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Public Art ID#
Title of Work
J.R. Rudy
Date Installed
Public Art Object Type
Religious Architecture
Object Type
Stained Glass Window
Pomona Location
600 N. Garey Avenue
Colored glass
Found surrounding the inside of the Pilgrim Congregational Churchs Sanctuary. It consists of Christ in the center, surrounded by an Angel of Prayer and Angel of Resurrection on each side of him. He is holding a sickle and sheaf of wheat, representing the Bread of LIfe. There were many different kinds of colors throughout the stained class windows which added a better touch. The colors of the stained class shine most brightly when the sun shines through and reflects upon it. It was dedicated to the Dole Family who gave three generations of church service.
Top of Resurrection Angel: "He is not here for he is risen. Bottom: "Angel of Resurrection" "Albert Dole 1843-1927. In middle of glass: "For wisdom is better than rubies and all the things that not maybe desired to be comparted are to it." "Verily, verily I say unto you, he that believeth on me hath everlasting life. I am the bread of life." "William Burr Dole 1841-1897, " "John Berry Dole, 1853-1898" "William Dole 1841-1847, John Henry Dole 1853-1898." Above Angel of Prayer: "And let all the angels of God worship him." "Angel of Praper" "Arthur M. Dole1874-1955, Fanny M. Dole 1871-1960."
Approx: 9ft w x 15 ft h
Created by J.R. Rudy of Los Angeles Art Glass Co.
Date Photographed
Kimberly Alldis
This should definitely be considered art because they are extremely unique, purposeful, and churches take a lot of pride in them. It takes a lot of skill, determination, and hard work to create a piece of art as wonderful as stained glass because it has to be done perfectly in order to create the right theme. In its own way, stained glass windows always tell a story with the images and color it holds. Since the light shines through the window and into the church, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The bright colors always catch peoples attention which causes them to really analyze the piece of art. In addition, this glass is found in a place that has held high significance since 1887, and "speaks of permanence in the midst of passing." Stained windows in churches are very significant and should definitely be documented as art. Every church has their very own stained glass windows, and each are original. What appears on the windows differs from community to community. Some have bible versus, words, and others have detailed pictures, just like the ones in the Pilgrim Congregational Church. The most dominating thing about stained glass windows inside churches is they are centered on biblical figures. They are very thought-provoking because they depict episodes from the life of Christ and challenge people to really think about what they are looking at. (Pilgrim Congregational Church 20 Feb. 2008 <http://www.pilgrimchurchpomona.com/images/about_the_sanctuary.htm>;)
Subject Terms
Christ, angels, and religious beliefs
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